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Meet Carter’s Bilingual Talent Acquisition Specialist Sharon Santiago

As Carter Intralogistics continues to evolve into a top 20 material handling provider, we understand the importance of bringing more languages into our facilities and our hiring processes.

In August, Carter welcomed Sharon Santiago, MBA, to the Human Resources team. Sharon brings many talents, including her ability to speak in both Spanish and English.

Originally from Puerto Rico, Sharon first started learning English in kindergarten, but admits she was not the best at it. She says it wasn’t until she got married and moved to the United States, per her husband’s military orders, that she really started to learn a new language.

“I believe that when you move to a new country, you have to submerge in their culture. That way you can learn from them, and they can learn from you,” Sharon said.

Now, Sharon can speak to our employees and potential job candidates in both English and Spanish. She has also expanded our recruiting efforts with the Metropolitan Savannah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Savannah, Georgia.

As Carter continues to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, we have a video message from Sharon. The video is in Spanish, but please feel free to follow along with the English translation below.

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“Hello, my name is Sharon Santiago. I am Puerto Rican and a military spouse.

At Lummus and Carter Intralogistics, I am a member of the Human Resources team. My position is a talent acquisition specialist.

In my department, we focus on the attraction and retention of diverse talent. At Lummus and Carter, we recognize diversity is the same as growth and innovation, which are a part of our company values.

That’s why we have created an inclusive and equal work environment for all.

At Lummus and Carter, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage year-round. We stay in touch with the Hispanic community and value Hispanic talent year-round, not just for a month.”

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