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MDR Conveyor Systems - The Highway to Efficiency 


Conveyor systems are used in practically every industry. They improve efficiency by quickly moving materials from one place to another within a warehouse safely and reliably. The right conveyor system can help streamline a business's operations and contribute to its growth. This article will go into what a conveyor system is and some of the most common conveyor belt systems in production today.


What is a Conveyor System?

Conveyor systems are designed to easily move packages, products, parts, supplies, and equipment from one end of the manufacturing facility to another. Although they are essential for moving materials, they also play a major part in production applications such as part and assembly lines, packaging, washing parts, and more. 

The most common types of conveyor systems contain a belt, a rotating competent, and a motor or drive. The conveyor system works on a continuous loop to move materials placed on top of the system and is a way to maximize efficiency to meet the ever-increasing demands in manufacturing and production facilities worldwide.


Different Types of Conveyors

Conveyors come in various system designs and are made with various materials and shapes. They can provide numerous functions throughout all industries. Some of the common conveyor systems include:

 Belt Conveyors – Belt Conveyors are systems that utilize a belt extended in an endless loop between two end pulleys powered by a motor. The belt conveyor is one of the simplest systems and is often used primarily to move parts from one end to another without using the belt as a working surface. 

Roller Conveyor  Roller Conveyors, are systems that use rollers mounted parallel to each other and can be powered by gravity or motors. Often a roller conveyor is used as a simple conveyor to get products from one point to another without using a motor. When mounted at an incline, products will slide or roll to the desired area, but if using gravity, speed and angle need to be monitored to reduce potential damage. 

Motorized Driven Roller (MDR) Conveyors  Conveyor systems are traditionally powered by a singular motor that manages controls for the entire system. Individual motors within the rollers themselves power MDR conveyors. The system allows more control through zones of rollers and reduces power consumption 

 MDR Conveyor


Spiral Conveyors   A spiral conveyor uses a spiral design to transport materials between levels and minimize the space needed. The products can be moved through controlled movements down the line over roller bars.

MDR Spiral Conveyor


Sortation Conveyors Sortation conveyors are a high-tech conveyor system designed to identify individual items and divert them to their correct locations using task-specific software and motorized rollers. 

CarterRoll Conveyor Sortation


Mobile Conveyors Mobile conveyors are a type of conveyor system that utilizes MDR Conveyor technology mounted on caster wheels and are powered by a motor. The mobility is ideal for quick and easy system reconfiguration to match changes in demand.

mobile conveyor


Flexible Conveyor Expandable conveyor mounted on casters and built to flex and bend around a crowded warehouse floor. This allows companies to quickly adjust the conveyor shape as floorspace availability changes — making it the perfect solution for loading and unloading areas, distribution centers, and portable assembly lines.

Flexible expandable conveyor


Pallet Conveyor Pallet Conveyors are used to transport heavy, larger loads and are traditionally positioned on the floor for better control. The conveyor can be a belt, slat, rollers, or chains and can be both powered and unpowered.

Pallet Conveyor Image


Every conveyor system has its benefits, and deciding the right conveyor for your industry depends on your needs and goals for your production facility. Conveyors can streamline production and help your company need high demands quickly and efficiently. 


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