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Lummus Corporation Debuts New Mission, Vision and Values

Carter Intralogistics' parent company, Lummus Corporation, recently released a new mission, vision, and values (M/V/V) for its entities. As both Carter and its sister company Lummus Ag Technology subsidiaries continue to see changes within their organizations, Lummus Corporation’s leadership knew it was time to create a M/V/V for all employees to follow daily.

Lummus Corporations’ M/V/V is as follows:


We design and manufacture innovative products and solutions that enable our customers to push the boundaries of productivity and efficiency.


We want to be a world-class manufacturing organization that is known for being customer-centric and is a leader in industries we serve.


Put Customers first

We think of customers’ success in everything we do. We use our experience and knowledge to understand their challenges, anticipate their needs and become fierce champions for delivering innovative solutions.


We see things other people miss and use visionary thinking and relentless execution to outperform our competitors. We reset the bar for quality, creative solutions, and industry expertise to achieve leadership position in the industries we serve.

Have a growth mindset

We pursue growth by investing in talented people, embracing challenges, thinking creatively, and committing to continuous improvement. We value decisive actions and calculated risk-taking.

Work as a team

We work across the organization to unite behind a common goal – transforming our customers’ operations so they can achieve success. As a team, we value collective accomplishment and go out of our way to support one another.

Respect others

We take pride in everything we do and strongly believe in treating our customers, suppliers and one another with care and respect. We positively contribute to our community and always strive to do the right thing.


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To educate our employees about our new M/V/V, Lummus Corporations’ Human Resources (HR) Team decided to engage with its workforce by organizing rollout events at several of the Lummus and Carter facilities in Savannah, Georgia, Frederick, Maryland, and Lubbock, Texas.

To spark engagement and create awareness for our rollout events, the HR team partnered with Carter Intralogistics Marketing Director Kirstie Lassanske to create five teaser videos. The teaser videos featured several Lummus and Carter employees who provided clues about our new company values.

During the week before our first rollout events, all employees were encouraged to watch the teaser videos to see if they could correctly guess our newest values. The employees were asked to email their guesses for a chance to win several prizes at our rollout events.

The HR team wanted to have fun with the “Choose to Win” M/V/V rollout events, so they organized five in-person events: two in Savannah, two in Frederick, and one in Lubbock. Many of the events included music, decorations, refreshments, and new company swag.

During the various rollout events, Lummus and Carter’s leadership revealed the M/V/V and spoke to our employees about their importance. Our leaders also drove employee participation by asking questions on how our current workforce is using the new M/V/V during their daily work practices.

MVV Rollout Image 1


“It is an exciting time to be a part of the Lummus Corporation. For me, it has been incredible to see the growth of Carter Intralogistics, especially within the last couple of years. At Carter, we have made it a goal to become a top 20 material handling provider within the next five years. And with our incredible employees implementing the new M/V/V, we know we can work together to get there,” Carter Intralogistics President Duane Glass (pictured to the right right) said.

“The M/V/V will provide a way for the Lummus Group to rally together and achieve a higher purpose enabling us to deliver faster and more technically advanced solutions for our customers.  It also provides the foundation where every voice matters and the ability to realize more sustainable and team-based victories – whether at work, in our communities, or for our families at home,” Lummus Chief Financial Officer Will Kutcher said.

“A clear and unequivocal Mission is paramount to any venture, and ours is concise and appropriate for every market we serve.  That Mission will be accomplished through the Vision of what we want to be, built upon and sustained by our foundational corporate Values.  Every team member contributes to the greatness of the organization, and a global embracing of the M/V/V, driven by a relentless striving for excellence takes everything to a new level.  Leadership is a high responsibility, one from which we don’t shy away, because when we truly Choose to Win...everyone wins,” Lummus’ Vice President of Product Management and Marketing Ross Rutherford said.

The HR team would like to thank everyone who was a part of the M/V/V rollout events. However, we are not finished yet. To prevent the M/V/V from becoming just another poster on the wall, the HR department will be working on ways to continue to promote the M/V/V inside all facilities.

If you have any questions regarding the M/V/V, please feel free to see KP Pastorini in Savannah, Drew Renberg in Frederick, Emma Heidenheimer in Lubbock, or email Heather Cheek at heather.cheek@lummus.com.

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