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Get to know CCS:

Marsha Case, Project Coordination Manager

Marsha Case is CCS’s Project Coordination Manager. Marsha oversees all aspects of project coordination, including shipping and receiving, shop operations, purchasing, travelers, freight (both in and out), manuals, parts lists, rental equipment and probably a lot more. She is a staple of CCS’s entire operation and things would certainly not run as well as they do if not for Marsha’s hard work and experience. We’re lucky to have her.

CCS Employee: Marsha Case, Project Coordination ManagerMarsha originally worked for a fabrication company. She started off in Shipping and Receiving, then worked her way through the ranks and up to Assembly. After that, she moved on to Purchasing. When the owner of that company decided to retire, Tom Carter – founder of CCS and a longstanding business partner of Marsha’s fabrication company – asked Marsha to come work at CCS. Marsha accepted and has been with CCS for 20 years.

Marsha is driven by loyalty and the fact that CCS feels like a home for her after all these years. She is passionate about the material handling industry and is focused on solving day-to-day challenges that customers face when dealing with pricing and lead times.

When not keeping CCS afloat, Marsha enjoys watching, reading or listening to anything of the True Crime genre. She also likes being outdoors, going on hikes, biking and competing in Mud Runs and 5ks. She has 5 nieces and nephews and stays busy attending games, shows and other activities with them.

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