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Frederick Community College Debuts New Logistics Program, Forms Partnership with Carter

On Wednesday, September 8, Frederick Community College (FCC) held a ribbon cutting for its new Logistics and Production Technology Program.

The program offers specialized training for students interested in a variety of industries like supply chain, biotechnology, and manufacturing.

“We’ve seen a lot of data that logistics manufacturing is a growth area in Frederick County. The jobs pay well. And we heard from partners who wanted a [program] like this,” FCC’s Director of Workforce and Community Education Molly Carlson said.

So, thanks to industry collaboration and COVID-19 relief funds targeted at workforce development, The Logistics and Production Technology Program was created at FCC’s Monroe Center on Monroe Avenue in Frederick. Carter Intralogistics’ second facility is also located on Monroe Avenue, which means we’re neighbors.

Carlson said she first learned about Carter after seeing a social media post where city officials toured our Monroe facility. After seeing how close we were to FCC’s Monroe Center, she knew she needed to reach out to learn more.

Since then, she and FCC’s Career and Technical Training Program Manager Kathi Groover have toured our Monroe facility. And based on that tour, Carlson said they were able to strengthen the design of their program by purchasing tools so students could have introductory lessons on how to use certain tools for assembly.

Carlson and Groover say it is important that the program aligns with industry needs. They’re asking employers for input, so they know what students need to learn while enrolled in the program.

“Our role is to support workforce development. And in order to do that, we need to know what the local businesses need and what skills they are looking for, so we really try to tailor our programs to meet those needs,” Groover said.

As Carter continues to strengthen our relationships with surrounding schools, universities, and other community partners, we look forward to having more dialogues with FCC and the Logistics and Production Technology Program. We also want to offer our professionals to speak to students about material handling and supply chain logistics.

Click here for more information about FCC’s Logistics and Production Technology Program.

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