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CCS Launches New Line of Mobile MDR Conveyor

The CCS team is proud to announce our all-new MDR Mobile Conveyor.

This innovative and cutting-edge solution from the experts at CCS was designed specifically to help warehouses from all industries adjust their system on the fly to match changing demands. We’ve been hearing for years about how difficult it can be to anticipate fluctuations in demand and how beneficial it would be to have a fully reconfigurable conveyor system… so we made a solution ourselves. 

Watch the showcase video:

MDR Mobile Conveyor is at its essence 24vDC MDR Conveyor mounted on casters, pre-wired, pre-tested and shipped fully assembled right to your warehouse so you can start using them immediately. It truly is “plug and play” conveyor, making installation as easy as can be. It arrives fully assembled, all you need to do it is plug it in and start your system up.  

It's energy efficient with zonal run-on-demand technology that saves you on energy bills while keeping your operation efficient. The fact that our MDR Mobile Conveyor is fully reversible and changing directions is as easy as the flip of a switch makes it perfect for restocking your shelves at the end of a day.

Because it’s mounted on casters, Mobile Conveyor from CCS makes it extremely easy to completely reconfigure your conveyor system to accommodate more workstations, laborers, packing zones, palletizing zones, or whatever you need to customize. You can save time and money by downsizing your conveyor system during non-peak seasons simply by unplugging your Mobile Conveyor pieces and rolling them to a storage area in your facility. When it's peak season again, simply roll them back out, plug them in and you're ready to start up again.

We have always taken pride in our consultative approach to warehouse automation solutions and that’s no different with our new MDR Mobile Conveyor. We will work with you to configure customized layouts that match your warehouse size and number of employees. 

Visit https://www.cartercontrols.com/mobileconveyor if you’d like to learn more, watch the showcase video or request a quote.  

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