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CCS Helps Businesses Return To Work Safely With Protective Barriers

It’s been more than three months since the first COVID-19 cases reached the US and officials began responding with safety measures to try and stem the spread. As we move into June and the beginning of summer, businesses across the nation are slowly starting to open back up, much to the relief of employees and employers alike. As we begin this transition back to work as a nation, there is one major question that employers need to answer:

“How can I ensure my employees and clients remain safe?”

Right now, the CDC has made available guidance that is designed to help business owners and employers ensure their operations can resume while keeping people safe. If you haven’t had a chance, we encourage you to read the article for practical tips and strategies for employers responding to COVID-19.

For the past 40 years, CCS has been a leading supplier of automated material handling and industrial automation solutions. We’ve designed, manufactured and implemented both standard and custom warehouse automation solutions across several different industries. In response to the challenges our clients are facing due to COVID-19, we’ve recently shifted some of our focus on protective barriers for employees and clients.

These barriers create a physical barrier from customer to employee or from employee to employee. They offer visual reassurance to employees entering the workplace and customers completing transactions. Strong, durable and versatile, these barriers are applicable in almost any industry and can be adjusted as needed. We’ve outfitted warehouse and conveyor line workstations, mailrooms, office spaces and common areas like break rooms and cafeterias with these protective barriers. We recognize that going back to work is happening or going to happen very soon. As such, our barriers come pre-assembled and shipped directly to you. The team at CCS recognizes how tough this time can be for businesses as they begin to transition back to normalcy and wants to wish everyone tackling these unprecedented times the best of luck

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