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More Than Just A Conveyor Manufacturer, CCS Announces Major Rebrand to Carter Intralogistics

Frederick, MD, March 15, 2021. For Immediate Release.

Carter Intralogistics (formerly CCS) announced today a major rebranding effort to reflect the company’s evolution into an all-encompassing material handling solutions provider.

Duane Glass, President at Carter Intralogistics comments, “We are thrilled to announce this rebranding effort. We feel like the name Carter Intralogistics truly reflects our capabilities and strongly indicates the direction we are moving towards in the future. When I joined this company in 1989, we were simply a Controls house designing and manufacturing control systems for the USPS. Shortly thereafter we branched into manufacturing and distributing our MDR conveyor for the postal system and start manufacturing our own conveyor. Now, we are heavily investing in R&D programs that further bolster the types of material handling solutions what we have to offer. We are particularly excited about improving our software and robotics integration capabilities as well as launching an entire new conveyor line later this quarter.”

Joel Thomas, Sales Director at Carter Intralogistics adds, “A lot has changed at Carter Intralogistics in the past few years or so. We’ve added a completely new R&D department, a new Marketing Department, we’ve released three new product lines, opened a brand-new manufacturing facility, more than doubled our Sales and Engineering teams and much more. It’s a fitting next step that we reposition ourselves with a new name to match the growth we’ve experienced and our goals for 2021 and beyond.”

The rebranding effort includes a name change and redesign of the company’s logo, while most of the website, graphics, communications and correspondences will remain the same. Most importantly, this rebranding effort was done in order to clarify who Carter Intralogistics is:

Carter Intralogistics, formerly CCS (Carter Controls Systems), is a subsidiary of the Lummus Corporation. We started our journey in 1980 providing control systems and MDR conveyor to the postal industry. Over the years we have grown to become a trusted solutions provider and integration partner throughout the material handling world. Carter Intralogistics delivers warehouse automation products and solutions to industries such as: E-commerce, food and beverage, wine and spirits, and third-party logistics.

Intralogistics is not just part of our name — it’s built into the foundation of our company. We provide expertise in a full range of automation solutions from order fulfillment and robotics, to software controls and MDR conveyor systems. We take pride in manufacturing our line of MDR conveyor, CarterRoll™, in one of our three U.S. based facilities. As a trusted integrator with established partnerships throughout the industry, we have a proven ability to deliver quality products and solutions with quick turnaround times and competitive prices. Fulfill the future with Carter Intralogistics.


Name: Kirstie Lassanske, Marketing Director
Organization: Carter Intralogistics
Company URL: www.carterintralogistics.com
Address: 7118 Geoffrey Way, Suite A, Frederick, MD 21704
Phone: (301) 698-9660

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