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Carter Intralogistics Establishes Official Footprint in Georgia


Carter Intralogistics is proud to announce its expansion in Georgia.

On January 1, 2022, Carter officially took control of the facility located at 128 Coleman Boulevard in Savannah. The building was originally leased by Lummus Corporation, Carter’s parent company, with the intent of using it for expansion.

In 2020, Lummus Corporation decided to repurpose the building to focus on manufacturing the materials needed for Carter’s conveyor systems and warehouse automation solutions. With the company now growing, Carter’s leadership decided it was time to take official ownership of the Coleman plant, including its employees. On January 1, 2022, the Lummus employees working at the Coleman facility were converted to Carter employees. With the addition of the Savannah facility and Carter’s two buildings in Frederick, Maryland, the company currently has a workforce of more than 125 full-time employees

“More and more companies are announcing their plans to do business in Georgia, and we are excited to be one of them. Savannah has served our parent company, Lummus Corporation, very well and we look forward to being another positive employer for the area. We are excited to welcome our Savannah employees to the Carter family and look forward to contributing to the economic development in Savannah and Frederick in the months ahead,” Carter Intralogistics President Duane Glass said.

Carter Intralogistics, formerly Carter Control Systems, was founded in 1980. Carter got its start by providing control systems and motor driven conveyors to the postal service. Now, Carter provides material handling products and solutions to a variety of industries across the United States.

The company is always looking to add to its growing team, especially when it comes to manufacturing and engineering. For more information about Carter Intralogistics and our available roles, please visit our website at www.carterintralogistics.com.


Carter will be showcasing all our Order Fulfillment System at MODEX 2022 in Booth B8224. Click here to visit Carter’s MODEX 2022 Hub where you can book a meeting before the rest of our slots fill up. If you book a meeting, we can give you a personalized tour and show you firsthand how our OFS can help fulfill your future.

If you’d like to reach out directly and learn more about who we are, what we do, and what we have going on at MODEX — reach out to sales@carterintralogistics.com or contact us at www.carterintralogistics.com/contactus.


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