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Carter Intralogistics Announces MODEX 2022 Booth Lineup

MODEX is undeniably the biggest supply chain and material handling conference in the country and for the 10th show in a row, Carter Intralogistics is excited to be there. Everyone is excited to get back in-person and show off what new and exciting products and services we can bring to the material handling industry at MODEX 2022.

This past year we’ve seen incredible growth at Carter Intralogistics for several reasons. It started with a major rebranding initiative in Q1 that aligned our branding and name with where we are going as a company. It marked the end of an era as Carter Control Systems, one in which the foundation for our future was laid and the direction set for the new era of Carter Intralogistics. In addition to that, we expanded our Carter Conveyance Technologies product lineup with CarterFlex™, a powered flexible conveyor solution. Lastly, we grew our Sales, Engineering, Finance, R&D and production departments exponentially and brought on some big industry names to help drive the forward growth and continue our momentum. These personnel changes fueled a steady influx of new clients, projects and integrator partners and we look forward to continuing this momentum into 2022.

Our booth this year is going to be all about getting the new Carter out in front of the material handling industry in-person and showing off who we are, what we do and where we are going. MODEX 2020 happened just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit full force in the US and I think everyone can agree things have not quite been the same around the industry since. ProMatDX took place online and while it was a great experience for exhibitors and attendees alike, it doesn’t quite feel the same as an in-person show. Everyone at Carter is extremely excited to meet face-to-face with friends, exhibitors, and customers.

Carter intralogistics has three core pillars of our material handling products and services:

This year’s booth is going to showcase all three of these core pillars so that current and future clients and industry partners alike can easily see the breadth of warehouse automation solutions we have to offer. Our talented engineering team is working hard to put the final touches on our booth layout and design so we can’t give away all the details yet… but we are excited to announce Carter will be showcasing a new Mixed-Case Palletizing End of Arm Tool at our MODEX 2022 booth along with our core Carter Conveyance Technologies — from flex to spirals and everything in between — and our print and apply Order Fulfillment System.

Stay tuned for more updates about our MODEX 2022 booth. If you’d like to get time on our schedule to meet with us at MODEX before it fills up, please reach out to sales@carterintralogistics.com and we can get some time on the calendar. Until then, we’re looking forward to seeing you all in Atlanta!

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