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Carter Control Systems Releases New Powered Spiral Conveyor with Merge and Divert Capabilities

The new Powered Merge/Divert Spiral Conveyor expands the CarterRoll™ CL commercial line of products

The CarterRoll™ CL line of commercial conveyor equipment from Carter Control Systems, Inc. has been expanded to include a Powered Merge/Divert Spiral Conveyor.  This new spiral conveyor possess accumulation capabilities, and allows packages to merge onto and divert off of the spiral at various elevations.  The result for users is greater flexibility for vertical storage and the ability to service several elevations simultaneously.  Duane Glass, President of Carter Controls, explains “our Merge/Divert Spiral still provides all of the advantages you have come to know from CCS accumulating spirals, combined with greater affordability.  For those customers looking to take advantage of limited space and not expand their facility footprint, the Merge/Divert Spiral is the perfect solution.”  The CarterRoll™ CL commercial line of equipment includes a full range of affordable, reliable, energy efficient conveyors that to meet every material handling need.

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