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Why choose 24vDC MDR Conveyor?


Chain, belt-driven and lineshaft conveyor have dominated the material handling world as the most common ways to move product through a facility. However, in the past few years, 24vDC Motor Driven Roller (MDR) Conveyor has slowly began to gain ground and establish itself as a versatile conveyor solution for supply chains around the world.

So… what makes 24vDC MDR stand out compared to more traditional conveyor solutions?

MDR Conveyor shines brightest when dealing with accumulation. It operates similarly to other accumulating conveyor, using an “eye” to see product and triggering other sections of rollers to stop, allowing product to accumulate without back-ups or traffic jams. Where it differs is in the actual motorized driven roller itself. Each accumulation zone has one roller with an internal 24vDC drive that controls each zone separate from other zones. This allows for each zone to be turned on and off separately and as such offers the best solution to deal with accumulating totes, pallets, cases and other products.

MDR Conveyor is very easy to customize for unique applications. You can change between-frame widths, roll centers, zone lengths and roller speeds. It’s relatively easy to add in other, more specialized customizations too like belted zones, poly-v driven rollers, cold temperature components, frame modifications, sleeved rollers, other sensors, custom colors, special guardrail, and more.

Due to its simple and modular design, installing different components is easy compared to more traditional conveyor types. Most MDR Conveyor is constructed with “snap-in” style pieces that make combining straight sections, curves, spurs, transfers, diverts and other special accessories simple and quick.

MDR Conveyor uses less energy than other conveyor types. There are two reasons why. First, it operates on 24vDC, which generally is the lowest voltage used in conveyor. Second, because accumulating MDR Conveyor uses run-on-demand technology and only activates zones when product actually needs to be moved, it spends less time drawing power when it’s not moving product.

24vDC MDR Conveyor is much safer than traditional conveyor types. Large, conventional motors are a threat to even the most experienced warehouse workers. A stray limb or piece of clothing getting caught can lead to scary accidents and gruesome injury if they’re caught in a pinch point while the conveyor is running. With MDR Conveyor, it operates at such a low voltage a person could easily stop a running roller with their bare hand using little more force than a handshake grip.



CCS Specializes in MDR Conveyor. We offer run-on-demand MDR Conveyor, MDR Spirals, Mobile MDR Conveyor and MDR Pallet Conveyor. If you’re interested in learning more about any of these types of conveyor, please contact Joel Thomas by email at joelthomas@cartercontrols.com or by phone at 240-815-1835.


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