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Nutravail selects CCS to Automate Packing and Labeling Operations

CCS Implements Robotic Packing And Labeling System for Growing Nutraceutical Company

CCS was selected to provide an automated robotic packing and labeling system for Nutravail’s Chantily, VA manufacturing facility. Nutravail, a world leader in the development of innovative delivery systems for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, was looking for a way to automate the end of line operation for its various soft chew products. The soft chews come in numerous bag sizes and shapes, and must be packed into different size shipping boxes. Using a FlexPicker robot from ABB, CCS was able to design a solution that fully automated the packing of these various bags of product into boxes. The system also utilizes a Panther print and apply unit for labeling and a Combi 2EZ box former to complete the solution – delivering a fully automated solution for the end of line operations that met Nutravail’s ROI requirements. According to Felipe Martinez, Vice President of Manufacturing, at Nutravail, ” our packing and labeling operation was labor intensive, and CCS was able to deliver an affordable and creative solution to our automation goals.”

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