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CCS Installs Mail Tray Processing System for Fiserv, Inc.

CCS selected to install CarterRoll™ Conveyor, IMSA™ and Sortation system to help address first class mailing needs at Stafford, TX facility

CCS was recently awarded a project to install a new mail tray processing system for Fiserv, a leading global provider of information management and electronic commerce systems for the financial services industry, at their Stafford, TX facility. The system is built around several of CCS’ core products, including the CarterRoll™ CL line of conveyor and our seamless acceptance software (IMSA™). The goal of the project is to help Fiserv improve operations through the capabilities offered by today’s material handling technologies, as well as the software CCS has designed to help first class mailers receive maximum discounts from USPS. At CCS, we have a long history of helping the mail industry improve operations and lower costs by using automation technologies and products. We strive to help customers increase efficiency and improve service, and our solutions are designed around that objective. CCS is proud to work with Fiserv at their TX facility.

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