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CCS Develops Innovative Conveyor Solution for Cornell Dubilier

CCS designs and installs custom conveyor system to help capacitor manufacturer automate testing process

CCS has recently completed the installation of a conveyor system for the transportation of trays that hold capacitors in the customer’s Liberty, SC manufacturing facility. The system automates the movement of the capacitors through the testing and quality review process. Cornell Dubilier, a leading manufacturer of capacitors for the power electronics market, required a custom solution to meet their needs. According to Raymond Stamey, Senior Design Engineer at Cornell Dubilier, “CCS was able to design and build a conveyor system that met our unique functional and budget requirements.” We take a lot of pride in helping customers improve efficiencies with automation technologies, and this project shows that focus. Building on our experience in custom-engineered solutions, CCS is proud to work with Cornell Dubilier and we congratulate them on the successful implementation of the system at their SC facility.

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