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CCS Completes Robotic Palletizing Project for Aladdin Temp-Rite

New palletizing robot used to improve efficiency and throughput for Aladdin Temp-Rite

CCS recently completed the design and installation of a robotic palletizing system at Aladdin Temp-Rite’s Hendersonville, TN facility. Aladdin Temp-Rite is world leader in healthcare food delivery, and provides a complete line of solutions that help healthcare foodservice operations prepare and deliver meals to patients. Using a single ABB IRB-660 robot, the robotic cell handles the palletization of cardboard boxes containing various food service related products to six different pallet locations. The flexibility of the cell allows Aladdin Temp-Rite to palletize 30 different box sizes to multiple pallet locations all at once. At CCS our goal is to help customers gain efficiency through the use of automation technology, and this project allowed Aladdin Temp-Rite to automate one of its most labor intensive functions. We are proud to be a business partner to Aladdin Temp-Rite and congratulate them on the successful implementation of the robotic palletizing system.

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